Pastor (Mrs.) Osla Engemise

As a little girl growing in a family of denominational doctrine and religious fanatics, I thought Christianity was a movement one belonged by upholding the tradition that the church I was born was Christianity, so I should leave in it. Indeed, life at home was the same like in the church, however the difference was that in church different people came together while at home was just immediate family members. This lifestyle left me in the dark with no knowledge of differentiating between the word of God and the tradition of men.
Even in the midst of the darkness I was walking, God remained faithful to me and gave me a face lift of achievements. He granted me my desires in academics, a husband (Pastor Ruben Engemise) who fears Him and love His laws and also blessed us with 4 kids (Faith, Samuel, Blessing and Joshua Engemise).
It was all a turn around when God finally cut my attention 2002 and I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. Since then, it has been “a journey of no return” and my spirit has truly found His glory and my life has never been the same again.